Wiper Motors

Wiper Motors Year/ Make

1955-57 GM and Corvette
1963-64 GM
1965-67 Mid and Full-size GM
1968-73 Full-Size GM
1974-82 Full Size GM
1959-62 Full-size GM
1963-67 Corvette
1968-73 Corvette
1974-82 Corvette


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2 Responses

  1. Jay

    I am looking for someone to disassemble a never used or mounted rebuilt wiper motor 69 El Camino SS, with the intent to put back together after Chroming all visible parts. I will than send back for assemble, can ou do this or know someone that will, this wiper will need to work but will only be called when it must, going back in a very high end custom show display car, driven enough t caught in rain at certain big shows.

    Thanks for the info


  2. admin

    Hello Jay; The answer that I give might not be what you are expecting, so here goes. There are plenty of people that will disassemble this thing for you to get chrome plated – there is one problem with your plan for plating this; when the end cap for the motor is chromed, the retaining spring that holds the end bearing in place will probably be broken when it is returned. Springs do not do well in plating tanks due to hydrogen embrittlement which turns the springs into “glass” and they break all the time. OK, so you ask, then why can’t it be replaced after it is returned? I would need to cut out the retaining ring to access the broken spring, replace the spring and then re-weld the retaining ring into the end cap, and the heat from the welding will discolor the fresh plating on the end. If this is just an issue of trying to make it “LOOK GOOD” and not worry about it ever working once chromed, then I would say just go for it. If it needs to work, then there are several other choices for you to consider. Feel free to call me. Regards, Steve